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Walking on Water

FocusOnPurpose is a Christian Life Coach in Cape Town whose focus is to coach you to the place of being able to “walk on water.” Naomi Sheneberger of Rock Rose Ministries prophetically states, “There is coming a harvest and the nets must be ready for the harvest. Many churches will be fishing on the wrong side, just as Peter did, but they will hear the word from God to throw their nets on the other side. The voice of the Lord is speaking, and those who hear the voice of the Lord will be ready to obey. The obvious will no longer be obvious. It is the supernatural that defies time and this is what God is asking us to walk into.” Walking on water is about walking in the supernatural; and walking in the supernatural is about walking in the Spirit. God is not calling us to do what we can do, but He wants to work through us and do what only He can do. As we fast approach the End Times, the circumstances of our lives are going to get increasingly difficult and the waters will overflow you, unless we learn to walk upon the water. FocusOnPurpose coaches from a purely Biblical basis - no New Age and no psychology. The focus of FocusOnPurpose is to bring you to the place of greater understanding in your walk with Jesus, and in how to live in cooperation with the work of the Holy Spirit within you, bringing you to the place of a meaning-filled, purposeful, fruit-filled life in Christ. René received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour in the 70’s revival time and has a passion for in-depth study of God’s Word. Her deepest longing is to live in an ever- deepening intimacy with Jesus Christ, as it is described in the Bible, and to help and inspire others to greater intimacy in their own relationship with Him. René is a member of the International Christian Coaching Association.
Walk on Water
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