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Last Words
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Mom’s Last Words

In honour of my mother, Nancy Kirstein, I wish to publish the last words she ever wrote. Mom had been diagnosed with pancreas cancer just 5 months prior and had now just been told that the cancer had progressed to her liver and that she probably had little more than 2 weeks to live. When my Dad and I saw her that evening, she asked that we bring her a pen and some paper so that she could write a message that she wanted people to hear. She never got to write the full message. Her writing is as follows: "While lying in hospital and feeling very sorry and fearful for myself, I am so grateful I know and trust the God that I have. Then I came to the thought of just how great He is to create a perfect world and to create man to live and spend time with Him. He gave man the power of choice and just one command to obey, but just as the proverbial "Pandora's Box" was opened and could not be closed, so out came jealousy, hate, murder and all the sins we could not stop. God called us to come back to Him, but we persisted to turn away" … I have not edited these words in any way, I have simply transcribed them onto this page and allowed them speak for themselves. I would just ask the question she would have wanted to ask: What choice are you making?
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